Abigail's Funeral!

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    Abigail Folger, Peter Folger, Beverly Folger

    Are there any pic's from Abigail's Funeral?
  2. Dilligaf Donating Members

    I don't think the National Enquirer was at this funeral, only Elvis's.
  3. moonglow Banned

    [quote author=star79 link=topic=4523.msg41227#msg41227 date=1256348979]
    Are there any pic's from Abigail's Funeral?

    It was a private family funeral without fanfare despite her association with the rich and famous. I doubt Peter Folger would have broke his neck trying to invite the likes of Mia Farrow, Mama Cass and Warren Beatty (who were all friends with Gibby). Gibby's stepmother Beverly claimed they had no idea she was friends with Sharon Tate. I know what Judge Judy would say to that one.
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    LOL, Dil and Moonglow. :D  Do I see the makings of a comedy duo in the making?  Another Stiller and Meara?  Another Abbott and Costello?  Martin and Lewis?  ;)

                                                                                        BB :-*
  5. moonglow Banned

    I don't know about comedy duo, I'm just a smart mouthed Brit who needs a slap :D
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  6. jempud Banned

    Not trying to start anything here, but did people usually take a camera to a funeral back then? THere were no mobile phones in 1969, and no instant pictures as I recall. If the Polaroid Land camera existed it would have been very expensive to acquire.

    I was 20 in 1969 and went to weddings and funerals from time to time, but I can never recall photographers at a funeral.

    Unless the funeral got celebrity coverage - which I think her father would have avoided - there may never have been any photos of what would have been a small family affair.

    Just thinking

  7. moonglow Banned

    With Gibby being one of the victims of the crime that had tore threw the world of entertainment, I'm surprised the editor of a newspaper didn't send down one of his minions to SF to photograph it.
  8. jempud Banned

    Times were different then, without the instant information and communications we are used to today. Making a long-distance phone call could be an achievement. No mobile phones, no computers, no video, no pocket calculators, even. Cameras were clunky and expensive items, and film expensive to buy and slow to process. 40 years ago, you know. Or perhaps you are too young to remember?

    Her funeral was held on August 13, 1969 at a small town in San Mateo County, California, Portola Valley. Her grandparents (the Mejas) had built the church there).

    She was 'entombed' (Catholic family, despite the way she lived her life) on the same day in an even smaller town in the same County, Colma. You can see her tomb in Holy Cross Cemetery, in the Main Mausoleum there, in Hallway N.

    Her father could easily have kept these details quiet from the press, and most probably did. I suggest most of us would have done the same.

  9. moonglow Banned

    Peter Folger went out of his way to keep any aspect about Gibby out of the press. According to him she had lived a "clean life" when in reality she didn't. Apparantly he disapproved of her choices, for instance her decision to campaign for a potential black mayor put her out of favour with him. (He was reportedly a racist which wasn't uncommon). Not to mention the fact that she was sleeping with a twice divorced Polish playboy.

    I like the sound of Gibby's mother more. Sounded like such a free spirit.
  10. gerard New Member

    I saw the footage of Sharon's and Jay's funerals but none of Gibby's. Might have been a very private funeral.
  11. moonglow Banned

    There wasn't any celebrities are Gib's, Voy's and Steven's.

    The cameras go where the names go...
  12. moonglow Banned

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    Walking into the Mausoleum early in the morning the first thing I noticed, I was all alone and then it dawned on me mine was the only car parked at the base of the steps. as I approached Abigail.s tomb a felling of loneliness came over me and as I reached up to touch her name the Marble headstone moved and made a loud thud that ecoed down the hall, I couldn't move to lower my hand and at the same time, I had the filling I was being asked why are you here, but also being thanked for coming. I just wanted to get that off my chest.
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  15. cherri Active Member

    i hope to see gibby's grave someday! ive been to sharons, stevens and lenos.
  16. Tallulahbelle Member

    You can see Abigail's funeral footage on YouTube. As well as Sharon's and Jay's. No sound as I recall though. Hope I am not too late to contribute to this just thought if anyone wanted to know......

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