Autopsy of Donald "Shorty" Shea

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    The autopsy of Donald "Shorty" Shea .













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    Poor guy.  Gives credence to Babara Hoyt's story of her hearing his screaming.  Sounds like he didn't die easily or quietly with all the wounds on him.  R.I.P., Shorty.
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    Any ideas as to where Shorty was buried? Any pics of the grave?
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    feeling a tad soft today.. and that is so sad , just to think he was once a sweet little baby with a loving mother, and was married so had a wife left to wonder where he went, all those years of wondering and then this !!!!it just breaks your heart thinking about it . :tip: R.I.P SHORTY.
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    I find Shea and Hinmann the saddest of the murders - because Shea and Hinmann had a clue it was coming for some time and knew the killers making it more personal therefore shocking. To me this suggests higher angst and fear levels than it coming from strangers. They also had clearer aspirations & character etched out than the others which gives me more empathy for them. They died to make one point - don't mess with Mr M.
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    also another thing with these two that gets me, both were very well liked by their peers, and both were working at and doing well with , acting, music...........makes me wonder if a certain long haired no hopper was just a touch jealous. just a random thought of mine lets face it manson was looking at succeeding in one of the arts. but these two already were making inroads to where they wanted to go. :hijacked:
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    Quite, and also M could have felt his bromance with Gay Beau-jangles was under threat since Hinmann may have offered Jangles with whom ? he lay, far superior networking options. It's just Gay-beaus adamant protestations of knowing Hinmann well arousing my suspicions. I mean if gay-beau wasn't trying to sleep his way to success who was? Where's HIS black book?
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    This Is My First Post & I Would Like To Say hello To Everyone...I Read Helter Skelter in 1979 & Have been Following The Cases Since...My Question is,Was The Skeleton They Found That was Assumed to Be Shorty Shea Idendified Thru dental Records for Sure as Being Him? The Autopsy Reports the Skeleton as Having the Stature of a Person who is Between 5'8" - 5'11".Everything I have Read Over the Years indicates Shorty Was A Very Large Man That was 6'5". If Anyone else Has Any Thoughts to this,Please Comment.Grogan Could have Led them to a Different Body & Who Knows How Many People The Manson Family Have Killed During thier Time.This is Just one of the Many Puzzling Things That has interested Me all these Years...Thanks & Everyone Have a Great Sunday.
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    Welcome 760man. Glad to have you aboard. I believe that they did ID Shorty thru dental records. Perhaps bones etc. were missing and it was just a guess how tall he was...
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    I've just been having another look at this. The top page of the autopsy report has the words 'Poss Shorty (Donald J) Shea', and the fourth page has the words "Sherrif has dental chart Poss Shorty Shea' (my italics). Bit iffy, really. Most sources merely say he was identified by his dental records, yet the autopsy merely states it as a possibility. However there is an indication that Noguchi called for dental X-rays after the coroner's comments (my italics).

    As you point out, his height is well documented in several places yet on the autopsy is estimated (by the Trotter and Gleser formula) as approx five foot ten (mind you, we;ve had a running battle with CM's height too!). And whoever picked up the body (wife Madelene?) may well only have had the remains of a skeleton to go by - although it is said he was wearing shirt and pants these would have suffered years of decomposition.

    Interesting find, 760 Man, which gives us food for thought (and most of us here are hungry!) Welcome to the Board.

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    No one picked up his body. He was buried military style for Magdalen said she didnt have the money.
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    Yes, you're right, I kind of had in my mind some one coming to identify the body, but I'm not sure that happened either given the decomposition.

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    on another board ( I think it is the "scenerios" board) you and Celtic are talking about CM's comments about a poker game in Vegas with Wilson, Diamond and someone called the Kentucky Rifleman. I noticed in this autopsy report that Shorty's wife was living in Kentucky. Wasn't she a dancer in Vegas at one point? Could Shorty have been in Vegas visiting her at the same time CM was there? Maybe their paths crossed and Shorty was invited to the poker game, could he have been the Kentucky Rifleman? Just a thought. . .

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    Cats do you know of any photographs that were taken at the scene of Shorty's skeleton? I've watched the video of Michael's with the Gleason interview but you cannot make out much there. I know this is kind of morbid but I was just curious.
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    I dont have any nor have I ever seen any. Just the film footage.
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    Thanks Cats. I was just wondering.
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