Autopsy of Sharon Tate

Discussion in 'Physical Evidence from Sharon Tate' started by catscradle77, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. christine1966 Well-Known Member

    Let's not give Rosie any props...cuckoo cuckoo
  2. Gina777 New Member

    I don't think the complete autopsy report is online. I remember reading a complete report somewhere (unfortunately i didn't save it) a line stating " a fetus of a fully formed baby boy". I think the whole report is 25 pages. The reports online are about 16 pages. Does anyone know where to get the full report?
  3. Cooltide Well-Known Member

    Also missing from ST Autopsy is contents of Stomach, which, considering the debate about whether they actually ate on 8/9/69 at El Coyote is just another "loose thread" that could have been cleared up if included in Report, all other victims from Cielo had stomach contents recorded on Autopsy Reports .
    Strange it was left out.
  4. martine Well-Known Member

    Alisa Statman has gone on record re: Sharon's due date in another post. There has been extensive debate about it. I have my own ideas. ANYWAY, I too found it interesting that there were no stomach contents on Sharon's autopsy report. Maybe she just didn't eat much that night, or at all. I know that when I was in the late stages of my pregnancy, I wasn't that hungry. Your internal organs get smushed up and you get short of breath and less
  5. Cooltide Well-Known Member

    Apparently ,from the autopsies, the only person with anything in there stomach contents was Abigail F, Corn, Rice and Beans.
    Just find it strange to book a restaurant and for only 1 person (well we dont know about ST ) out of the 4 had remains of meal in stomach.
  6. martine Well-Known Member

    I remember discussing this at one point as well with some friends. Maybe Voytek digested the contents of his stomach a little faster because of his size and metabolism. But you are correct. It does seem strange that just a few hours prior to the murders, they had eaten at El Coyote.
  7. Mike Well-Known Member

    @Gina - getting complete reports can be a real problem. As I've just pointed out in another thread. Cats tried to get the trial transcript on an particular individual, only to be told the pages could not be located. So she took a step back and tried ordering all the transcript pages from the dates that individual was on the witness stand. And voilĂ , they arrived in the mail.

    @Cooltide - Cats and I toss those stomach content reports around quite often, whilst on the telephone. They don't add up, do they? And when you add in that the wait staff were unable to recall a gravid movie star, a well-known hair stylist and a Polish-born man being at the restaurant that night, things really don't add up. Did they really dine out that evening, as we've been told?
  8. Gina777 New Member

    I just e
    I just tried emailing the LA County Coroners office for the report but they want $158. My husband would kill me. If anyone wants the info let me know.
  9. Mike Well-Known Member

    And the bottom line is that buck-fifty-eight might get you exactly what you see on this site. And then you might beat your husband to it. :eek:

    Believe me, if there was any better information to be had, we would already have it. Cats is relentless on that stuff.
  10. Bottledbrunette09 Well-Known Member

    Mr. Mike, LOVE your new avatar!!
  11. Gina777 New Member

    I was just reading Jay Sebring's autopsy report. It says "liquid meal". I've never been to El Coyte but is could possibly be chili.
  12. freebird Donating Members

    Or Albondigas, a delicious mexican soup. I might have spelled that wrong...
  13. martine Well-Known Member

    Maybe they were just doing shots of tequila...
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  14. Bottledbrunette09 Well-Known Member

    According to HS, the reservation to Coyote Grill wasn't true, even though the rumor was going around. Maybe, if Abigail had the beans, corn, etc. in her stomach, she was the one who went with Jay and perhaps, Voytek. A year or two ago, we hashed over this, and if Sharon was too tired to go to Sheila Welles, then wouldn't she be too tired to go out to dinner at a restaurant? I've heard Greg King say she went, I've heard VB say it isn't true, I tend to be in the VB camp on this. JMHO;)
  15. martine Well-Known Member

    I have debated this on another forum on which I am no longer I see that some of that forum's members have been banned on this, again.

    I don't believe that they were there either.

    Sharon was very pregnant and a Hollywood actress and exceptionally beautiful. She would have been noticed. As would have Jay who was also well-known in Hollywood. Not to mention the large and heavily-accented Voytek.

    And all of a sudden, 35 years after the fact, the waitress who waited on them supposedly remembered serving them, but when the staff was questioned right after the murders, not one person remembers seeing or serving them....

    I'm with BB and VB on this one too.
  16. Eddy Guest

    yep yep! I've always stated that as well. It's become a part of the mythology that resonate's with this entire case. Jay was such a heavy coke user he probably didn't eat a whole lot much of the time. True about Gibby's stomach having corn, beans etc she could have eaten something at the house. Voytek had full bowels so had eaten that day but it seemed to have digested to fecal matter. Any yes...Sharon's autopsy report is incomplete. I think I wrote here once that I heard long ago that it's incomplete because some of that information (baby...) was kept confidential at someone's request? Of course this is just something I heard.
  17. Peaches Donating Members

    If Jay was such a heavy coke user, why was none found in his system? (look at his autopsy) It seems like the guy is always referred to in that way and, to me, IF he was such a big addict, he would have some in his system.o_O
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  18. Eddy Guest

    I've wondered that too Peaches in regards to his autopsy. I wrote that because I've read it so many times. Roman stated that Sharon told him Jay was a heavy coker! ?????
  19. Peaches Donating Members

    I totally understand, Eddy. I just don't think he could've been that heavily addicted and still be able to do his job and run other businesses (he was starting to franchise), I'm not saying he was totally innocent of any drug use but just don't see how he could've been such a coke "addict." I thought Roman was pretty rude about Jay, he was the one who made the claims about Jay's sexual habits. Roman wasn't an innocent when it came to sexual behavior so why'd he feel the need to comment on what Jay supposedly did?:cool:
  20. Peaches Donating Members

    I'll answer my own question, maybe he was jealous of Jay's women? (Playboy models and so on):)

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