Jay Sebring and Steve McQueen

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    The Six Degrees of Helter Skelter? Or The Six Degrees of Charles Manson?
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    That's weird. I thought Sharon and Roman were friends with Steve McQueen. Sharon was supposedly in The Cincinnati Kid and did a nude (and only) scene which was edited out of the move and mysteriously disappeared, and all the tabloids say they hung out together. I think I read an excerpt from one of Roman Polanski's biographies that one night, Sharon and Mia Farrow were in the back of the truck and Steve was driving with Roman in the passenger seat and Steve was going about 60 on a bumpy, rocky terrain, and Sharon and Mia were hanging on and screaming for their lives and when the ride was finally over, Sharon and Mia were covered in bruises. I think I recall Roman saying that he thought Steve was purposely driving fast to hurt Mia and Sharon in the back and called him a name. That's weird that he didn't show up to Sharon's funeral since he was a longtime friend of hers. Maybe he was too stoned, after reading that article, to go to both.
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    BB, all I know is what I've read several times by Neile McQueen. She said they considered Jay to be their friend and that's why they chose to attend his funeral. Plus, Steve gave one of the eulogies.

    Sharon wasn't in "The Cincinnati Kid," she auditioned, but Tuesday Weld got the part. As for the alleged nude footage, it's been said that it was just a rumor that she did that.
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    I just got the Steve McQueen book by marc Eliot today. I cheated and read the bits with Jay Sebring and according to this book and Steve, jay was a bit of a S & M fan. I also got the Robert Wagner book "Pieces of my heart" and it's got a picture of jay cutting his hair in there. If it's not on the internet, I'll scan it and pop it in.
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    I read that the part Sharon had in the Cincinnati Kid was a bit part, just a bed scene which was SUPPOSEDLY, key word edited out because of the nudity. Just many things I read in on the www. Probably just another rumor like many others out there. Actually, all these years, I thought Steve McQueen went to both of their funerals, really surprised when I read on here that he only went to Jay's. Oh, well, learning new things on a daily basis. :shrug: I knew I could count on you to set me straight on the Jay thing since you know people who knew Jay. Thanks, sweetie.
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    I'm wondering if this another half truth. According to HS, the only ring on her finger was 'a yellow metal wedding band'. And how could Roman pull the ring off of her bloody finger when he was in London and didn't get back to LA until a day or two later? If you look at the crime scene photos and the autopsy photos, and you see her hands, there's not giant ring on her hand. I remember seeing that ring was up for auction at least two or three years ago. Roman gave it to Gene Gutowksi's wife, I think, not sure. :twocents:
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    Well according to Marc Eliot in "Steve McQueen" a footnote on page 151 he says that Sharon did NOT do the nude scenes in The Cincinatti Kid; they were done by an African American Actress whose name has been forgotten.

    Here is the salicious part that Eliot does not cite sources on, so Melly is going to keep this as just Hollywood gossip (also from Page 151):

    It was well known in Hollywood at the time (but never confirmed by any of the three) that Jay Sebring and Steve were both physically into Tate and had, on more than one occasion, shared her sexual favors at the same time and in the same bed while at Sebrings pad, fueled by alcohol, cocaine, grass, acid and amyl nitrate.

    On page 178 there are no sources cited either when Mr. Eliot writes:

    Somehow, he (Steve McQueen) always managed to wind up at Sebring's place, where there was never a shortage of hot, eager starlets looking to show off their best talents for Steve and his clebrity entourage. Sebring was a master at a lot of things, not the least of which was his ability to self-promote and maneuver around the gossip press so that only his hairstyling was of any interest to them. Sebring's not beina n actor provided a great deal of latitue for STeve and the others.

    Steve and Sebring's drug use is written about on page 189 however this time it is confirmed by ex wife Niele:

    And he spent his nights driking, drugging and womanizing with Sebring, whome he met up with at the Whiskey. On weekends, usually by Saturday afternoon, the always charming Sebring would stop at the ouse to cut and style Steve's hair, carrying his ever-present soft black leather bag filled with scissors, combs, and drugs. Accoring to Neile, more often than not, by early evening, both men were "high as kites".
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    Thanks for printing that. Very informative.
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    I thought I heard somwhere, don't know where, but Sharon didn't wear her rings because they didn't fit when she was pregnant!
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    In Helter Skelter, I remember that the police saw a wedding band on her finger, and I think those last pictures that were taken of Sharon, Voy and Jay, she's wearing the ring. Perhaps she got it sized because I have the impression that wedding ring was very, very important to her and she would never take it off, except for when she did her last movie.
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    Well I finished the book. I have a couple more things that I need to place in here regarding the night of the murder, etc. Am at work (yes, I DO actually work :rolleyes: ) so I will do it later. I want to get Robert Vaughn's book "A Fortunate Life" as he has recollections about that night as well. Evidently Steve McQueen invited him after getting the invite from Jay to Sharon's house the night of the murders. The what if's are rampant, if both men were there things most likely would have turned out differently but it was not to be.
    I found I didn't like Steve McQueen. At all. He was fascinating to read about, a lot like Pam Churchill and I didn't like her either.
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    I read Robert Vaughn's book and wasn't overly impressed with it.
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    That's okay, I've seen most of his movies, they weren't that impressive either......
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    They have since changed the website. Sharon wasn't wearing the ring when she died. She was just wearing her wedding band. Roman was not the person to identify her at the house - he was in London. Jay, Abigail, Voytek and Sharon were all identified in situ by Bill Tennant, Roman's business manager who was asked by Sharon's mother via his wife to check on Sharon because she couldn't get through to her on the telephone. The mistakes in the press on this case just continue on... :wacky:
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    ^^^ You didn't like the Man from U.N.C.L.E.?
    What i found amusing was Candice Bergen's take on that night that all of a sudden (Melly is paraphrasing) EVERYBODY was invited up to Sharon's that night and they all luckily declined.

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