Search for a Red Car and a Party on Cielo Drive

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    Thanks to Simon Wells for this.



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  2. Bottledbrunette09 Well-Known Member

    In HS, it said that Sharon was wearing a floral bra and panties but in the the article, it says she was wearing a polka dot bikini! :laff: I absolutely love to read all the conflicting articles written in the aftermath of the murders. I guess this is the start of the media not double or triple checking their facts before they sent it out for printing. :no:
  3. simonwells61 Well-Known Member

    Being a Brit newspaper, I imagine they were taking it all off the wires and phones. How different it all is today.
  4. Franksta Member

    WG looked young back then but now he looks like a child. I remember seeing the footage of him being taken in that day and due to him being shirtless and obviously high as a kite he seemed like someone who was too innocent looking to have done it but maybe he did because he freaked out. Hard to explain but that was how we looked at it back then at my house.
  5. Virgo1969 Active Member

    I didn't read the whole artical. However, Sharon's car was at the shop getting fixed.
  6. Cooltide Well-Known Member

    Sharons "sexy little me "quoted again, where did that originate from?
  7. Jean Harlow Special Friends

    It's from an interview she gave to a magazine - I think Look magazine . I think I have the article - she was being sarcastic or the like. Anyhow I will look to see if I have the article and will get it posted.
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  9. Jean Harlow Special Friends

    I don't know what Sharon's Ferrari was but I think Roman gave it to Sharon's father after she passed away.
  10. Zarathustra Member

    1968 Ferrari 275 GTB Berlinetta

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  11. Zarathustra Member

    I will look into Ferrari specific forums and see what I can find...
  12. Cooltide Well-Known Member

    wow, nice car Z
  13. Jean Harlow Special Friends

  14. freebird Donating Members


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    Interesting article, Cats. Thanks. There are a couple of things which I found interesting. One is the fact that Sharon called 6 people to invite them to Cielo that night. We have 2 of them, Michael Sarne and his wife. Who were the other 4?

    The other interesting thing is the number of red Ferraris running around here. We have Dennis Wilson's red Ferrari which according to "Six Degrees of Helter Skelter" belonged to Sam Cooke at the time of his death. We have Dennis Wilson's business manager, Robert Levine, driving a red Ferrari according to CM in the Murphy Interview. At one point in that interview CM asks Murphy "Did they tell you about the red Ferrari?" Murphy ignores the question but it seems to indicate that there might have been a connection. Could all these red Ferraris have been the same car?
  16. Zarathustra Member

    Roman Polanski's was a 275 GTB, Sharon drove it until the murders.

    Dennis Wilson´s was a 250 GT Lusso, previously owned by Sam Cooke

    you can scroll down this link and see a period little pic of the alleged Wilson´s Lusso

    another link here to what it seems to be the present condition of former Wilson´s 250 Lusso

    Interesting link to a Ferrari forum talking about our celebrities Ferraris
  17. Jean Harlow Special Friends

    I think that must be an error of some kind (maybe) because Sharon went to a screening with Michael Sarne on August 7th. Maybe that caused the confusion?
  18. celticcross Active Member

    Thanks Zarathustra. Good research. Wasn't there a huge party at Cielo earlier that week? MaybeTuesday or Wednesday. Sarne was a director. Yeah?
  19. Jean Harlow Special Friends

    yes, Michael Sarne is a director. He made the famous (eyes roll) Myra Brekinridge with Mae West and Raquel Welch.
  20. shelley Guest

    Oh I don't know, if you look at what the News Of The World were getting up to lol

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